Homecare workers

Homecare workers

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The Ex aequo homecare workers’ data bank provides self-managers with a list of employees already selected for their qualifications and training. It enables self-managers to find a homecare worker, thereby facilitating the proximity of homecare services.

Nevertheless, it is still very difficult for many handicapped individuals to find employees for their homecare services. In spite of everything, the data bank continues to improve its service by hiring competent individuals. We regularly update the data bank, taking care to keep a sufficient number of homecare workers on our list.

Contact the coordinator of the bank to 514-288-3852, ext 232, or email if you want:

  • More information on the operation of the Ex aequo’s bank
  • A list of homecare workers
  • A password to access the online list.

You hold your password?
You can now login to access the online homecare workers list.
To learn more about the bank employees see our explanatory brochure.